Welcome to MOPPETS!  It is the goal of MOPPETS to provide a safe, warm and loving environment for all of our little ones.  We seek to do this by providing clean, enjoyable play areas that are staffed by caring adults. To help our childcare workers and your children enjoy a MOPS morning, we have childcare policies that need to be followed. Please arrive in time to settle your children.  Remember, MOPS (for moms) begins at 9:30 a.m. MOPPETS Check in begins at 9:15 a.m.
  • Arrive at church by at least 9:15 a.m.
  • Inform the worker checking in children of any detailed special instructions and sign in your child on the sign in sheet.
  • Write your child's name on a sticker & place it on the back of your child.
  • Escort your child(ren) to the age appropriate classroom along with the diaper bag, etc.
  • Mark your child’s name on EVERYTHING (diapers, sippy cups, pacifiers, etc)!!
  • Please remember to thank the nursery worker!
  • Beverage Policy: Juice and Water are only allowed in sippy cups.  No milk, please for sippy cups.  Bottles can have Milk, Formula, Breast milk, Juice, or Water.  Bottles will be kept with each child's diaper bag and will be kept out of reach of children. Bottles will only be held by workers during feeding time and then returned to bags. Children with bottles will not feed themselves.   
  • Diapers: Please use disposable diapers during MOPS and bring an ample supply for the morning. A plastic bag (produce bag, grocery bag, etc.) is helpful for any soiled clothing. Please supply your wipes in a container/Ziploc baggy.  We will try to change all diapers at least once and record the diaper change times on your child’s name tag. 
  • Illness & Well Child Policy: Please do not bring a child who is running a temperature, is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has a contagious disease.  Keep a child home until his/her fever registers below 100 degrees for 24 hours and is acting well. 
  • Medicines: Childcare Workers will not dispense medication to children under their care.  The mother may come to the room and give the medicine if medication is necessary during the childcare session. 
  • MOPPETTS Workers: MOPPETS Volunteers are members and friends of Grace Lutheran Church; who in order to care for, support, protect, and educate our MOPPETS Children, have received training and undergone background checks. 
  • No Cry Policy: It is natural for infants and children to cry when Mommy leaves. Crying infants and children will be comforted and we will try to redirect their attention.  Normally a child can calm down and get used to his/her surroundings.  If uncontrollable crying persists for longer than 10 minutes, a Moppets Childcare Worker will contact the mother.   
  • No Peeking: If you are concerned about your child’s well-being, please ask your Table Leader or a Steering Team member to look in on your child for you. This will help maintain a calm environment for all the children. 
  • Sippy Cups & Pacifiers: If your belongings aren’t already tagged, we will tag diaper bags and pacifiers while children are in our care. 
  • Snacks:We avoid snacks with peanuts, and usually keep the sugar content low. Parents should provide snacks for children with special dietary needs. PLEASE CHECK THE SIGN-IN SHEETS to make sure your child’s allergies & special instructions are up to date. 
  • Tags: If your belongings aren’t already tagged, we will tag diaper bags and pacifiers while children are in our care. 
  • Toys: Please do not bring toys from home for children in the 3’s-5’s room.
    For More Information on MOPPETS please contact Dolly.